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Company S-Cool (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd
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Address #901, Street 128 Kampuchea Krom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
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More About S-Cool (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd

S-Cool is the pioneer and leader of solar and security window control film in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Together with our team of expert professionals and large range of high quality window control film, we are positioned to serve all your needs, be it for your automobile or building windows.

Started in 2007, S-Coolís notable clientele includes corporations and government bodies such as ANZ Royal Bank, ACLEDA Bank, UNDP, Cambodian National Assembly Building, CTN and PPML, just to name a few. S-Cool provides high quality solar window film with advance Nanotechnology that has the capability of reducing UV Rays of up to 99%, Infrared Rays from 60% to 99% and Visible Light Transmission from 0% to 65%. S-Cool is specifically designed for automobile windows as well as residential and commercial buildings.

With S-Cool installed on your car or building, you will see a long term return on your investment as the firm provides a safe and healthy lifestyle by shielding harmful rays and heat from the sun and protecting you against skin cancer, early aging, and eyes problems. In addition, your interior car parts and building are fully protected from early discoloring and cracking. As such, S-Cool is a smart choice for your investment.